Billy Pilgrim is a spoken word poet with a plethora of experience performing to a variety of audiences throughout East Anglia and further afield, His work is grounded in abstract narratives which explore the reality of modern life. Often outspoken, always irreverent, this poet will leave you questioning accepted truths.

The Heartsease Kid is Norwich born producer and digital music graduate of Southampton Solent. His decision to work with Pilgrim comes from his love of Hip-hop and electronic music. The music he creates is inspired by both genres and in doing this The Heartsease kid has created a original and authentic sound which supports the themes of Billy’s work.

The duo will release their single “I Love You Dennis Bergkamp” in march 2018 and have plans to play various festivals and gigs throughout the year, alongside this they work with other spoken word poets in their project “Words w/ Friends” which will be embarking on a UK tour in July 2018.