Spoken Word Introducing – Thomas Wolfe

This winter we’ve been looking to add a new poet to our collective, and we did this through an open submissions process. A load of fantastic poets applied and that made choosing just one really difficult. That is, until we found Thomas. Many readers will know that we are headed on tour this summer, and we will be releasing a new volume of ‘Words w/ Friends’, which will of course, feature our latest addition to the team. If you want to know more about the tour and the album then click here – Words w/ Friends volume 3 – What to Expect, but if you want to know more about Thomas then keep your eyes reading right here, Introducing –

Thomas Wolfe

Thomas is a Brighton based spoken word poet who started out his relationship with words as an MC. He clearly has an impeccable grasp of the English language, and the meter to which his poems conform seems like a hangover from his past profession. Thomas told us that he is extremely excited to delve into working with music again, and sonically we think he fits the project perfectly. Below you can listen to his piece ‘House Party’ which was long listed for Outspoken Poetry In Fill prize 2018, and will really give you an insight into what Thomas is all about.


When he isn’t performing, Thomas takes to the page, His first collection of poetry, entitled ‘Thoughts of a Dying Youth’ was printed by Knightmare Print and released in 2017. It deals with themes of love, hate, and mental instability as well as social issues. It is a collection created from over a decades worth of material and is presented in a “harsh street style” which assists the reader in absorbing the hard-hitting nature of the work. If you wanna buy the book, look for it at Waterstones, or get it direct from Thomas here – Thoughts of a Dying Youth. Readers can expect to see another book from Wolfe in 2018 and this will hit the shelves in June, complimenting the release of ‘Words w/ Friends Vol 3’  perfectly, because this is also scheduled for this summer.

Thomas Wolfe whole heartedly believes that Shrek 2 is the best in the series, and we wanna know what you think about that? If you disagree send us a strongly worded email and we can pass the message on. Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for more of Thomas in the coming months and maybe, you’ll see him in the flesh in a city near you come July. If you still haven’t has chance to listen to ‘Words w/ Friends Vol 2’ get on it here – Words w/ Friends Vol 2

Stay safe out there,



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