Spoken Word Introducing: Rob Carnie

Sadly one of the spoken word poets featured on Words w/ Friends Vol II won’t be able to make the gig in Norwich on the 26th of November, apparently its his birthday or something. Even though he can’t make it, he’s such a sick poet we want him anyway. And if we want him, then you’re gonna want to get to know him. Lets have some quick fire facts about a spoken word artist with significant artistic value.

Rob Carnie

  • He was born with a bearish appetite for peanut butter (preferably lashed over banana bread)
  • Rob is slowly developing the eye sight of a sea urchin, thankfully without the cynicism.
  • He is currently residing in the South, living in a converted van equipped with kitchen and wood burner.
  • He’s prone to pens leaking in his pockets.
  • He’s yet to own a suitable number of coat hangers/Yet to sell my unsuitably large collection of coats.
  • Rob couldn’t spell defribulator to save his life.
  • You can often find Rob nursing a green tea, and often leaving aforementioned bag of green tea in mugs to fester.
  • He favours a sunrise over  a sunset.
  • He’s only ever been late once in his life, honest.
  • Rob is fond of fumbling with phonetics and trying to sound poetic, and we think he does it pretty damn well.


Check out Rob Carnie’s spoken word poetry below.

If you wanna listen to more of this, get on Rob Carnie’s Soundcloud, and you can hear more from this master of the English language. If you’re interested in what the first project sounded like, then listen to Words w/ Friends Vol I on youtube, listen to both of them at the same time and rumour has it you will open up a wormhole to another dimension, actually, you might only get a taste of whats to come. And finally don’t miss out on a huge night of spoken word poetry in Norwich, at The Owl Sanctuary on the 26th of November, we’ll be there, sadly Rob won’t, but we might say his name a bunch of times to make it feel like he’s with us. Click this link for details – Words w/ Friends Vol II release event.

Stay safe out there,



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