Spoken Word Introducing: Sven Stears

Volume I of Words w/ Friends was limited to just that, friends. The project was created with contribution from spoken word poets already known to us, from Southampton and Norwich. The benefit of opening up submissions for Volume II is that we get to work with talented spoken word performers that we didn’t know a few weeks ago. As much as Spoken Word Introducing is for you, it’s also for us to get to know who and what we are working with. So here we go again.

Sven Stears

Sven is a performance poet from Kent. Multiple slam winner, the Bristol Hammer and Tongue 2016 champion, and National Finalist. He was mentored by the Canterbury Poet Laureate, and supported Neil Hilborn on his UK tour, if that isn’t enough, He’s been featured on BBC Radio, on stages across the country, from festivals to the Albert Hall. He’s even performed on the streets with a PA powered by bicycles, at weddings, the Wikimania Conference, and at a death metal gig.

On top of his work in poetry, he has also received wide acclaim as host for the Maidstone Fringe, his Radio Show on G3, and other events.

Sven tells stories, that are raw, and honest about the world around him. Some will leave you broken, others will take you down the roads of your childhood. All of them will be straight from the heart. An example of the emotion that consumes Sven’s poetry can be seen below in his poem “Broken”.

“I came here to hold bridges and burn grudges” – Sven Stears

​He has taught poetry in schools around the south and south east, and believes strongly in giving something back, helping to start the next generation of poets in a positive direction. This is why he also runs the Inkbomb Theatre Company, a poetry production company built from the ground up helping to get poets paid. And we need the help.

Sven considers it a professional courtesy that he is going to hurt your feelings.

We are glad he can travel to work with us, but before he gets here you should check out Sven’s FaceBook page and get to know him, and his work a little better. The release of the event is fast approaching, an evening of spoken word poetry, Lo-Fi hip hop beats, an open mic and who knows maybe some dancing and cartwheels and stuff. If you like spoken word and you’re in Norwich on the 26th November, head over to Words w/ Friends Vol II release event for more details.

Stay Safe out there,



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