Spoken Word Introducing: Nicholas Uzoka

As an evening of spoken word poetry in Norwich approaches and the big release of Words w/ Friends volume II, its about time we showed you some more of the artists we’ve got working on this. This guy is a little different from our other spoken work poets, because, well, basically he’s a rapper. He is set to fire up the project and add some depth of sound, and we are stoked to have him working with us.

so here it is sports fans. . .

Nicholas Uzoka

Uzoka is London raised, but studies at the University of East Anglia right now, (that’s why we’re lucky enough to have him involved). Originally working in poetry and prose writing, Nicholas made the choice to move into rap last year. Since doing so, He has been experimenting with several styles and sub genres, whilst managing to maintain a cohesive sound, focused on lyrical dexterity and a precise choice of words.

The magic of Uzoka’s work comes from the telling of personal stories through rhyme. Although personal, his stories still manage to retain a universal quality and a relatable appeal. His mixed Heritage (Half Italian, Half Nigerian) arguably has an influence on the variety in his work, but he also finds inspiration in the works of others, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Joey Bada$$ and Chance the Rapper are notable artists worth crediting.

As well as featuring on Words w/ Friends Volume II, Nick has also been working on an EP called “Growing Pains” which is set to drop any day now. The EP will be centred around the positive and negative aspects of inheritance from an older generation, and struggling through self doubt to managing to define yourself against that, as well as the search for self worth.

If you wanna hear more you can head over to Zoka the Author’s Soundcloud and get a feel for what this guy is all about. You can also find him on twitter and Instagram -@Zoka_The_Author or of course you can see him in the flesh at the Words w/ Friends Volume II Release Event.

Stay safe out there,

Billy P


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