Spoken Word Introducing: Imogen Stirling

Well I bet y’all thought we only had spoken word poets from Norwich, WRONG. (obnoxious voice) Thats right, “Words w/ Friends Vol II” has spread its wings. During the submission process we received applications from spoken word poets in loads of different places, and it just so happens the next poet isn’t from Norwich or even somewhere really close by like lowestoft, but, she is instead from a different whole country to ours. A strange place, with place names that are difficult to pronounce, food you’ve never tasted and it’s very own flag. She’s from Scotland alright. (reading this back, this whole paragraph should be read in an obnoxious voice.)

Anyway, we are proud to be introducing the spoken word poet and all round badass…

Imogen Stirling

Imogen Stirling is a spoken word poet, theatre maker, musician, and general noise-maker from Glasgow.

As a Theatre and English Literature graduate, performance poetry was a natural fusion for Imogen. Her work has been described as a pairing of unrelenting honesty with lyrical dexterity, and explores ideas surrounding the intricacies of modern relationships, the treatment of mental wellbeing in an increasingly desensitised society, and the ever-evolving understanding of how gender exists today. Her writing draws on personal experience, and often reflects on the people of Glasgow.

Her poem below ‘Judgement Is A Drag’ is a commentary on the futility of categorising and analysing gender, which Stirling considers a shallow definition of who an individual truly is.

Coming from a musical theatre background and performing long-term as one half of duo, Wonderful Exile, Imogen writes with an inherent musicality. She has performed in a 5 star production of ‘Les Miserables’ at the Edinburgh Fringe; is director and playwright for political music theatre piece, ‘BodiesUponTheGears’ for which she was awarded the Alasdair Cameron Scholarship; and has worked alongside Sir Tim Rice.

A self-confessed nomad, Imogen has spent the past two years on a European tour of poetry gigs and music shows, performing in venues ranging from The Brittania Panoptican Music Hall to Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

Her work has been featured in Tell-Tale Magazine, Fused Magazine, easyJet Traveller Magazine, and The Skinny.

And if that isn’t enough to woo you, In her spare time, Imogen works as a translator and editor for French films. She is currently writing her debut piece of spoken word theatre for the Edinburgh Fringe 2018.

We are delighted to have Imogen working with us on the project, and of course, you can see her in the flesh, when she performs with us at the Words w/ Friends Vol II release event. The evening itself will showcase the album in its entirety and also feature an open mic, its a chance show what rising talent the Spoken word scene has to offer. If your gasping for more of Imogen right now then head over to Imogen Stirling Poetry Facebook or if you want videos, check out Imogen Stirling Poetry’s YouTube channel.

More profiles coming soon, and Words w/ Friends Vol II will be released live in Norwich on the 26th of November 2017, with copies of the album being sold at the event, and then it will be made available for digital download on the 27th of November. You’re gonna wanna get your hands on a copy, because I know you haven’t seen spoken word poetry like this before.

Stay safe out there,

Billy P


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