Spoken Word at Deepdale Festival Norfolk: A Performers Perspective

This weekend we left Norwich for north Norfolk, taking our spoken word poetry and digital music act to Deepdale Festival . We have performed at several festivals across East Anglia this summer, and we thought we had seen everything the small festival has to offer. Oh, how wrong we were. This article proceeds with caution, for fear of writing a thousand synonyms for amazing. But put simply, the event was outstanding.


Deepdale puts the small in small festival, but despite its physical stature, the organisers somehow managed to create a huge atmosphere. As artists, we felt welcomed and included from the moment we arrived, and the planning was on point. Not once did we feel ‘left out of the loop’, We were directed to our performance space eagerly, our sound check was smooth and efficient, and the size of the audience was fantastic.

The festival had three main stages, and as a new act we were glad to be performing on the most intimate, The Backpackers Stage. Nestled just outside the main Brick Barn Stage, it was perfect for catching a passing audience. Many people perhaps haven’t heard poetry in this way before, and for us it is important to show people who might not consider poetry interesting exactly what we are all about. The Event managers gave us this opportunity with our placement and time slot.

IMG_6944Deepdale Festival has taken local talent and business very seriously, with much of the talent being from Norwich or Norfolk, as well as its inclusion of pop up shops from local businesses. We have our fingers crossed that next year they will want more spoken word, and that perhaps we will be ready to take the main stage by storm. If you have yet to hear our most recent release, you can download our demo for free, that’s right, we don’t want your money we want your ears.


Download and listen here.

Stay safe out there,

Billy P


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