Spoken Word & The Open Mic, A New Era of Poetry

Spoken word poetry is growing rapidly, and I think we might have the humble open mic to thank for this. Recently in Norwich people are becoming increasingly interested in what poets have got to say, and from what I can tell from social media, this isn’t just a local phenomenon. There are poetry specific open mic nights popping up all over the place, and they never seem to struggle to fill the slots. This tells us that either there are more poets than ever before, or that existing poets are adapting there work to fit the spoken generation.

Poetry on the page will always be the monarch of the literature scene, but spoken word seems to be offering something new and exciting. The way in which we consume information has changed, we want things faster, and we want to learn and make up our minds at speed too. As a resource, these performance poems can be digested rapidly, then can be unpacked easily, and thanks to smart phones they can be shared simply with a click of a button.

In the age of the internet the video reigns supreme, most open mic organisers are on to this, and they record their events to share with the world. Because of this, previously unheard page poets are now gaining recognition, where before they faced difficulty. take a look at this video of Billy’s first ever performance. (Back then he still used his real name)

Spoken word forces people to take notice, and many audiences are made up of self-confessed poetry novices. They have come to be entertained, to see the art in its rawest form, without the pretentiousness or difficulties that page poetry often presents. Open mics are making poetry accessible and heck I’ll say it, they are making poetry cool.

If you have poetry that you want to perform, or if you want to see what the scene has to offer, head over to our Events Page, where you will find performances at a variety of different events that you can get involved with. As well as this, currently we are still taking submissions for our project  Words w/ Friends Vol II. You’ve got the chance to get your voice heard and show off your stuff at the release gig too. Send your submissions to our Facebook page or email us at billypwiththeheartseasekid@gmail.com

Stay safe out there,

Billy P



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