Spoken Word Poetry: What is Words w/ Friends?

Words w/ Friends Vol I was released in the spring of 2017. The project was developed by The Heartsease Kid  (THK), and has become his musical manifesto. The concoction of both Spoken Word and digital music created an exciting listening experience, that also packed a cultural punch. THK picked up spoken word artists from across the UK to feature on his EP, and their varied backgrounds and influences created an original concept, that also sounded damn good! Poetry has a new platform, tell your friends and tell your grandma, Poetry is back and its going to bite your ears off.


Now THK wants to hear from spoken word performers in Norwich and all over the country, who want to get involved on the second volume of Words w/ Friends, which will be released on the 26th of November 2017. So far the team have been shocked by the overwhelming response, but we’ve also noticed that many people had things they wanted to know about the first project before they submitted. More specifically, the way it went down.

BPTHK black_call_for_submissions-01.pngVol I didn’t have a formal submissions process, instead it was mainly a bunch of facebook messages sent to people doing exciting stuff already. These exciting people are (in order of  appearance): Halex, Minty Taylor, Luke AG, Amaru Muru, and our very own Billy Pilgrim. Once THK knew he had the poets, all he needed was to produce the music, easy right? not quite. To make sure each Spoken Word artist felt represented in their own way, THK sent out a pack of 20 sample tracks to each performer, giving them the chance to decide for themselves which track best fitted their style. We think they all chose perfectly.


Next up he needed to get some recording done, each performer arranged a date and travelled to Southampton Solent university to record their piece. Vol II will be recorded all at once, with all 10 poets mixing in together at a Norfolk based studio. This is going to be one of the best parts of the project, the chance to create and develop ideas with like-minded people.

After hours upon hours of mixing down and mastering, the project was released as a humble sound cloud project and received a decent number of listeners and great amount of praise from contemporaries. Vol II is much bigger and includes a release gig at The Owl Sanctuary , Norwich, as well as a physical CD release.

If you are a spoken word poet from Norwich, or elsewhere, but can travel or record remotely, then contact us through our Facebook or email us billypwiththeheartseasekid@gmail.com with a video or audio file of you doing your poetry thing, the file should be roughly 1-3 minutes in length. we want your spoken word, and we want to show it to the world. Good luck!

Stay safe out there,

Billy P.


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